In 1998 skateboarding released its first Pro Signature Model…

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In 1998 skateboarding released its first Pro Signature Model Shoe the #NatasKaupas, then in 1999 a 2nd shoe dropped for #SteveCaballero, in the 90’s it seemed like anyone with a video part had a shoe, and not just one model either. Imagine a world where the top names in #Parkour and Freerunning could create there own shoe, a shoe of their dreams, one that they could design specific elements into to increase performance, solve common issues from past shoes and build out to fit a stylistic aesthetic that was not previously attainable without sacrificing performance.

When I was approached by @TempestFreerunning CEO @gabrielnunez1 about the chance to create the first true Pro Signature model #parkourshoes and build a #freerunning sneaker from the literal ground up, I was ecstatic but immediately understood the responsibility that came with the opportunity.

Almost two years ago at the beginning of this process I knew I wanted to create something that performed like no other shoe has for our sport but looked dope as hell to. But besides the look of the shoe the most important thing to me when we released the La Flair Shoe was going to be able to answer one question with confidence. “Whats the difference between a parkour shoe vs any other sneaker?”

As a newer company in the shoe space we wanted to make sure we could pull off something as specific and technologically challenging as this so we knew we would have to work with someone with the expertise and knowledge of constructing a shoe that could withstand the quickly evolving landscape of movement possibilities in one of the most dynamic sports in the world, freerunning. As fate would have it Jesse connected with the one and only #RobertPurvey a legend in the shoe game with over 20 years of experience and a resume that would blow your mind. After designing signature shoes with sports icons like #Kobe, #Shaq, and #Iverson to name a few, Purvey a fan of Jesse’s was ready to jump on board and change the game. The #TempestFreerunning La Flairs’ are made for freerunning and parkour they are not just another sneaker to find out why head over to my Facebook page for the full breakdown or click the link in my bio. (at Los Angeles, California)